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Our workshop breaks down techniques of screenwriting and story development that are relevant to successfully drive change in an organisational context.

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Control and Deflection

A study on stage directions as means of control and written media as the object of portrayal in contemporary drama.

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Via Egnatia

Together with Sandra King-Savic, the University of St. Gallen and the Landis & Gyr Foundation, we created Voices of the Via Egnatia – a soundscape performance that will tour different cities.

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The Tools of Directing

Leadership is constructed through a specific use of a set of linguistic and non-linguistic signs.

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Individual Coaching

Being an impactful communicator in the room when all eyes are on you, that is a matter of preparation. Everybody can be a compelling and authentic storyteller – on any subject.

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The Current State of Presentations

A lighthearted keynote-speech and a passionate plea for more awareness and empathy for both speakers and audiences. Staged as a dialogic battle, we reflect on the nature of presentations what actually happens in a room when an audience is addressed.

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The Present Collection

A self-guided audio tour through London named The Present Collection was developed for a visiting delegation of a global leadership summit.

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Global Learning Platform

We accompanied executives at Carrefour Group to learning expeditions in the US and Asia and created a live online sharing platform in order to facilitate shared learning amongst participants and their local teams.

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Global Best Practice Sharing

Carrefour Group was looking for a new way to share best practise examples across its global HR community. It should focus on work that had been done to foster Customer Centricity.

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The Show Unit

Playfulness is an important source of innovation and creativity. In our workshop, we create a performance on a professional stage.

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