The Current State of Presentations

A lighthearted keynote-speech and a passionate plea for more awareness and empathy for both speakers and audiences. Staged as a dialogic battle, we reflect on the nature of presentations what actually happens in a room when an audience is addressed.

The increased pressure on companies to engage with their stakeholders on value-based discourses calls for authentic, multi-layered and empathetic communication. Are our rituals, habits and conventions about how we communicate evolving as well?

Presentations should challenge the audience to make interpretative decisions and thereby motivate people to reflect and act. In our own work, we focus on the use of spatial design, visual and multimedia elements, storytelling and the use of language.

Without reflecting contextual phenomena presentations risk to lose all impact. Our Keynote is an invitation to look at the way we create meaning in the communication tools we use every day and to challenge the way we think about presenting ourselves and our organizations.

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