What We Do

All Might Change is based in London and Zurich. Our mission is to help our clients create authentic, multi-layered and empathetic communication formats. Companies, organisations, and private individuals benefit from our specialisation in the analysis, dramaturgy and design of interactional spaces.

Communications & Production

We design and produce multimedia and content formats for internal and external communications. Our solutions engage audiences by drawing heavily from our experience in theatre, film, dramaturgy and experiential storytelling.

Coaching & Dramaturgy

Every appearance requires a certain form of staging, whether that be in public, in front of employees, or in pitches and meetings. With our clients, we develop impactful scripts that take into account not only the content but the presenter, form and setting.

Research & Consulting

Our research is based on studies in the field of organisational discourse analysis and media theory. We focus on the use of spatial design, visual and multimedia elements, storytelling, spoken and written language.

We were awarded with the Spin-Off label for entrepreneurial innovation by the University of St.Gallen and the Center for Entrepreneurship in 2018.